ⓘ Barrow Gurney Reservoirs


ⓘ Barrow Gurney Reservoirs

Barrow Gurney Reservoirs are three artificial reservoirs for drinking water near the village of Barrow Gurney, which lies southwest of Bristol, England. They are known by their numbers rather than names.

They have several springs, one of which becomes the Land Yeo. Some of the drainage is also used to feed the river, which flows into the Bristol channel.

There are three reservoirs in General, one tank number three, 60 hectares 24 hectares to the North of the A38 and two tank number one, 25 acres 10 hectares and number two, 40 acres of 16 ha in the South.

The tanks are operated by Bristol water. The first was opened in 1852 to store water from the newly finished "line of works", but within two years it sprung a leak and had to be drained for repair, causing serious disruption in the supply of Bristols. In the following decades, work was undertaken to improve water quality. The first sand filters and in 1935 with chlorination

In 1962 maximum output was increased from 26 million Imperial gallons of 120.000 m3 to 31 million Imperial gallons of 140.000 m3 per day by lowering the outlet of the filtered tank and duplicating inlets to the seven filters which received microstrained water.

On the stony banks on all the tanks provide a habitat for sedges.

Fishing under the permit is usually for rainbow Oncorhynchus mykiss, formerly Salmo iridia and brown trout Salmo trutta morpha trutta morpha lacustris and S. fario.

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