ⓘ Thurniaceae


ⓘ Thurniaceae

The Thurniaceae are a family of flowering plants composed of two genera with four species. The botanical name has been recognized by most taxonomists.

In the system of APG II in 2003, also recognizes such a family and assigns it to the order Poales in the clade commelinids, in the monocots. The family consists of two genera, a total of only a few species, perennial plants of wet habitats in South America.

This represents a slight change in the APG system, 1998, which belonged to two genera, each of which represents a family of your own Prioniaceae and Thurniaceae, both placed in the order Poales.

The Cronquist system, of 1981, also recognized this family and placed it in the order Juncales in the subclass Commelinidae in class By the division Magnoliophyta.

The Wettstein system, last updated in 1935, placed the family in order Liliiflorae.