ⓘ Péniche (barge)


ⓘ Peniche (barge)

A peniche is a steel motorised inland waterway barge of up to 350 tonnes capacity. Peniche barges were built to fit the post-1880s French waterways and the locks of Freycinet gauge. They are visually similar to a Thames barge, but built to different specifications.

  • layer Peniche barge a French barge Associated with the Freycinet gauge for locks in France G.D. Peniche Portuguese football team Peniche Hotel
  • standard peniche barge to carry cargo along the canals of Europe. Her original cargo was grain and iron ore. She presently serves as a hotel barge owned
  • hotel barge fr. peniche hotel came into being following the decline in commercial and freight carrying on the canals of Europe. Many working barges have
  • La Peniche Opera is a small French opera company based on a barge When in Paris it is moored opposite No.46, quai de Loire, Paris 19e. It was founded
  • landing barge Oil barge and Dumb steel oil barge Paddle barge Peniche or Spitz barge Pleasure barge Power barge Row barge Royal barge Sand barge Severn
  • Johanna is a former working barge peniche of Freycinet dimensions, after the French minister of transport Charles de Freycinet who gave his name to an
  • The Luciole is a converted French barge or peniche She was built in 1926. In 1966 she became the first hotel barge on the French canal system. She now
  • converted barge peniche of Freycinet dimensions, fitted out and operated as a hotel barge in Southern France. She is one of a fleet of barges of different
  • raising the barge Stanislas Noyer 10 February 2018 Paris: la peniche de Le Corbusier a coule Le Parisien in French Une peniche de Le Corbusier
  • A peniche or stand - off is material inserted between a half - model, often of an airplane, and the wall of a wind tunnel. Peniche is a French nautical term