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Caenorhabditis latens

Caenorhabditis latens is a species of nematodes. Prior to 2014, it was referred to as Caenorhabditis sp. 23. The reference strain VX88 was isolated from soil near a lotus pond and strain VX85 was isolated from soil under rotten grass in Juifeng Village, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. This species groups with C. remanei in the Elegans supergroup in phylogenetic studies

Caenorhabditis sinica

Caenorhabditis sinica, prior to 2014 described as sp. 5, is a species of nematodes in the genus Caenorhabditis. It is found in East Asia. It is found frequently in China. It groups with the C. briggsae / C. nigoni branch in the Elegans" group in phylogenetics studies.

Cuspidaria elegans

Cuspidaria elegans is a species of bivalves in the family Cuspidariidae. It is found at 100–200 m in sand and mud. It is reported in Indonesia, the Philippines, the South China Sea, Taiwan and the Beibu Gulf. Its Chinese common name is 华美杓蛤, which translates as "colorful scoop clam".

Cyclophorus elegans

Cyclophorus elegans is a species of small, air-breathing, land snails with an operculum, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs in the family Cyclophoridae. It is found in China.

Cyprinus acutidorsalis

Cyprinus acutidorsalis is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Cyprinus found in China in freshwater. It can reach a total weight of up to 500 g.


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