ⓘ Red Wedding


ⓘ Red Wedding

Red Wedding is a 2012 documentary film co-directed by Lida Chan and Guillaume Suon, which portrays a victim of forced marriage under the Khmer Rouge regime.

The film premiered at the 2012 International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam IDFA and won the Award for Best Mid-Length Documentary.


1. Synopsis

Red Wedding is the story of a survivor who pits her humanity against an ideology and a system designed to annihilate people like her. Between 1975 and 1979, at least 250.000 Cambodian women were forced into marriages by the Khmer Rouge. Sochan was one of them. At the age of 16, she was forced to marry a soldier who raped her. After 30 years of silence, Sochan decided to bring her case to the international tribunal set up to try former Khmer Rouge leaders.


2. Production

Red Wedding is a Cambodian-French co-production produced by Rithy Panh through Bophana Production, Bophana Center and Tipasa Production. It was produced with the support of GIZ, Alter-cine Foundation, Fonds francophone de production audiovisuelle du Sud, IDFA Fund, Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program, Worldview and Cambodia Film Commission. Red Wedding is the first film about a victim of forced marriage and rape under the Khmer Rouge. Lida Chan and Guillaume Suons survey began in 2010 when forced marriages were qualified crimes against humanity by the Khmer Rouge tribunal. The film was shot in Pursat province, in Cambodia, between 2010 and 2012.

The film is distributed by Women Make Movies, Bophana Production and Tipasa Production.


3. Awards

  • Golden Award Mid-length competition - Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival 2013 Doha, Qatar
  • Best Mid-Length Documentary - International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam IDFA 2012
  • Jury Prize - Gdansk DocFilm Festival 2013 Poland
  • Best South East Asian Human Rights Film - FreedomFilmFest Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Special Mention Award - Salaya International Documentary Film Festival Thailand
  • Special Jury Prize - HRHDIFF 2013 Yangon, Burma