ⓘ Lorch (Württemberg)


ⓘ Lorch (Wurttemberg)

Lorch is a small town situated in the Ostalbkreis district, in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, by the river Rems, 8 kilometers west of Schwabisch Gmund. It is a part of the Ostwurttemberg region.

  • Wilhelm Lorch 1867 1954 German botanist Lorch Hesse, a town in Hesse, Germany Lorch Wurttemberg a town in Baden - Wurttemberg Germany Lorch Austria
  • Lutheran theologian in the Lutheran scholastic tradition. Born at Lorch Wurttemberg Hafenreffer was professor at Tubingen from 1592 until his death
  • Oscar Friedrich von Fraas 17 January 1824, Lorch Wurttemberg 22 November 1897, Stuttgart was a German clergyman, paleontologist and geologist. He
  • Gmund, Lorch Pluderhausen, Schorndorf, Remshalden and Waiblingen. At Remseck the Rems flows into the Neckar. Map services of the Baden - Wurttemberg State
  • city of Goppingen. In the North, the municipality borders the towns of Lorch and Schwabisch Gmund, district of Ostalbkreis, at the East and in the South
  • Jeremias Lorch born 2 December 1995 is a German footballer who plays as a midfielder for SV Wehen Wiesbaden. Jeremias Lorch worldfootball.net. HEIM: SPIEL
  • The Duchy of Wurttemberg German: Herzogtum Wurttemberg was a duchy located in the south - western part of the Holy Roman Empire. It was a member of the
  • The history of railways in Wurttemberg describes the beginnings and expansion of rail transport in Wurttemberg from the first studies in 1834 to today
  • Muckenseebach is a small river of Baden - Wurttemberg Germany. It flows into the Rems near Lorch List of rivers of Baden - Wurttemberg