ⓘ Amour Range


ⓘ Amour Range

The Amour Range is a mountain range in Algeria, which comprises part of the Saharan Atlas of the Atlas Mountain System.


1. Geography

The Amour Range is located in the central area of the Saharan Atlas, with the Ksour Range in the western end and the Ouled-Naïl Range in the eastern end.

The town of Aflou, one of the highest municipalities in Algeria and also one of the coldest, is located in the range at an elevation of 1.426 m. There are about 35.000 people living in the area of the Amour Range. In Taouïala تاوياله, located 35 km to the southeast of Aflou, there is an ecotouristic village.


2. Peaks

The mountains of the Amour Range have altitudes averaging between 1.400 and 2000 m. The highest summit of the range is Djebel Ksel, which sits at an elevation of 2.008 m.

Other notable peaks are:

  • 1.503 m high Kef Sidi Bouzid كاف سيدي بوزيد.
  • 1.686 m high Oum El Guedour أم القدور
  • 1.721 m high Guern Arif جبل قرن عريف
  • 1.706 m high Mount Gourou جبل قورو
  • 1.707 m high Mount Sidi Okba جبل سيدي عقبة