ⓘ Celestino Vega


ⓘ Celestino Vega

Celestino Lester Vega was a cigar maker, President of Centro Español and a promoter of Spanish arts and culture. He is listed as a Great Floridian. Vega was born in Asturias, Spain November 27, 1897. He emigrated to Tampa. He faced labor protests and demands from strikers. Mrs. Celestino Vega was on the board of the Tampa League of Womens Clubs.

Lester Celestino VEGA was born 27 November 1897 Llamero, Asturias, Spain - he married Mamie Stella Powell.

Celestino VEGA, Camilo was born 6 APR 1870 in the town of gijón, Asturias, Spain, and he married Carolina Sanchez.

We believe that these two people were really related, but some of the information that you provided here is actually for Lester Celestino VEGA, not for Celestino VEGA Camilo. Both were manufacturers of cigars - both born in Asturias, Spain - both immigrated to Tampa from Havana, Cuba.

His great-grandson, Dylan VEGA. Dylan Vega is a leading American Marxist / anarchist YouTube show under the network name of VEGA.

  • Robert John Celestino is an American film producer, screenwriter, editor and film director. He is best known for his films such as Mr. Vincent and Yonkers
  • Celestino Caballero born June 21, 1976 is a Panamanian former professional boxer who competed from 1998 to 2014. He was a world champion in two weight
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  • Celestino Barcala, the warrior son of Independence Colonel Lorenzo Barcala, was a key player on the Argentine civil wars in the north - west, reaching the
  • contest held 1969 Rogelio G. Mangahas 1968 Victor S. Fernandez 1967 Celestino M. Vega 1966 Federico Licsi Espino 1965 Vict. V. dela Cruz 1964 Teo S. Baylen
  • in the Manulife Centre on Bloor Street. The name Eataly was coined by Celestino Ciocca, a brand strategy consultant who has worked for Texas Instruments
  • kind, by Joe Hawk, Las Vegas Review - Journal, published September 26, 2002 Filmmaker: Tribeca Director Interview: Robert Celestino Yonkers Joe April
  • Joaquin Villafuerte Andres Tesoro Guillen Rufino Pinom Calestino Januario Celestino Capitan Municipal 1893 - 1899 Don Wenceslao Soliven Don Isabelo Soliven
  • Pedro Messia Corea de la Cerda, 2nd Marquis of Vega de Armijo February 16, 1700 in Cordoba, Spain April 15, 1783 in Madrid was a Spanish naval officer
  • Yonkers Joe is a 2008 American drama film directed by Robert Celestino and starring Chazz Palminteri, Christine Lahti, Tom Guiry, Michael Lerner, and