ⓘ 85 (number)


ⓘ 85 (number)

85 is:

  • a centered square number.
  • the smallest number that can be expressed as a sum of two squares, with all squares greater than 1, in two ways, 85 = 9 2 + 2 = 7 2 + 6 2.
  • the length of the hypotenuse of four pythagorean triangles.
  • a centered triangular number.
  • a Smith number in decimal.
  • an octahedral number.
  • the product of two prime numbers 5 and 17, and is therefore a biprime; specifically, the 24th biprime not counting perfect squares. Together with 86 and 87, it forms the second cluster of three consecutive biprimes.
  • a decagonal number.

1. In astronomy

  • NGC 85 is a galaxy in the constellation Andromeda
  • Messier object M85 is a magnitude 10.5 lenticular galaxy in the constellation Coma Berenices
  • 85 Io is a large main belt asteroid
  • 85 Ceti is a variable star in the constellation of Cetus
  • 85 Pegasi is a multiple star system in constellation of Pegasus
  • 85P/Boethin is a periodic comet

2. In titles and names

  • 85°C, a Taiwanese coffee store chain.
  • Cupid & Psyche 85, an album by band Scritti Politti 1985
  • Live/1975–85, an album of live recordings by Bruce Springsteen 1986
  • 80–85 a compilation album by Bad Religion 1991
  • Minuscule 85, Papyrus 85, Lectionary 85 are early Greek manuscripts of the New Testament
  • The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie, a book by Thomas Fink and Yong Mao
  • 45/85 was a television documentary on World War II
  • 85 Days: The Last Campaign of Robert Kennedy a book by Jules Witcover
  • "85", a 2000 rap single by YoungBloodz, from their album Against Da Grain
  • Federalist No. 85, by Alexander Hamilton, the last of The Federalist Papers 1788

3. In sports

In U.S. college athletics, schools that are members of NCAA Division I are limited to providing athletic scholarships to a maximum of 85 football players in a given season. The specifics vary by the two Division I football subdivisions:

  • In the second-level FCS, schools are allowed to provide football-related athletic aid equivalent to 63 full scholarships, but this aid may be divided among up to 85 players as the schools see fit.
  • In the top-level FBS, each player provided with a scholarship may, and almost always does, receive a full scholarship.

4. In other fields

  • EF 85mm is a photographic camera lens by Canon
  • The IQ and nickname of Aaron in Alien 3
  • The year AD 85, 85 BC, or 1985.
  • DRG Class 85, a category of German train locomotives
  • The Muslim calendar year 85 AH.
  • KC 85 was a family of small computers built in East Germany in the 1980s
  • MCS-85 was a family of Intel processors including the 8085
  • British Rail Class 85, a category of UK train locomotives
  • Part of the assignation for the Toyota AE85, commonly referred to as an "eight-five".
  • Lima Site 85 was a battle in the Vietnam War
  • TI-85 was a graphing pocket calculator by Texas Instruments
  • Arabigere 85 is a village in India
  • Learjet 85 is an all-composite plane being developed by Bombardier Aerospace
  • E85 fuel is 85% ethanol and 15% conventional gasoline
  • F85 disambiguation, multiple uses
  • The atomic number of astatine
  • PMD 85 was a personal computer built in Czechoslovakia in 1985
  • The number worn by Chad Ochocinco, whose name means "eight five" in Spanish
  • The number of the French department Vendee
  • The radix of the Ascii85 sometimes called Base85 binary-to-text encoding
  • The ISBN Group Identifier for books published in Brazil
  • A85 is the Dutch Defence in the Encyclopaedia of Chess
  • TK85 was a clone of the Sinclair ZX81 made in Brazil in 1983


5. In military technology

  • Tu-85 was a prototype Soviet bomber
  • PT-85 is a Korean tank
  • 85mm is a common caliber for cannons
  • TR-85 was a Romanian battle tank
  • Taurus Model 85, a 9mm revolver made in Brazil
  • HG 85 is a Swiss fragmentation grenade
  • ASU-85 a Soviet self-propelled gun
  • CZ 85 is a Czech 9mm semiautomatic pistol
  • SU-85 was a Soviet tank
  • 7.62 Tkiv 85 is a Finnish army rifle