ⓘ Aggabodhi VII of Anuradhapura


ⓘ Aggabodhi VII of Anuradhapura

Aggabodhi VII was King of Anuradhapura in the 8th century, whose reign lasted from 781 to 787. He succeeded his cousin Aggabodhi VI as King of Anuradhapura and was succeeded by Mahinda II.His father was King Mahinda I.

Aggabodhi was appointed Adipada Ruhuna from his father. His cousin Aggabodhi, the son of Kassapa III king open king Yuva Raja and was a Manager in the East of the country. On Mahindas death, the Prince Aggabodhi was in the capital. The administration of the Kingdom fell into his hands. However, he suggested that the sub-king Aggabodhi to become king and crowned him as the king Silamegha Aggabodhi VI. The Prince Aggabodhi, was appointed sub-king and looked after the administration of the whole country.

Those who do not support sub-king managed to poison Silamegha Aggabodhi VI against him. In response, sub-king Aggabodhi fled to Ruhuna, where he gathered a huge army. He waged a civil war before suffering a crushing defeat in Kadalinivatha. He escaped the battlefield and hid in a Small rati-hill country.

Soon the king Silamegha realized that he was wrong to turn against sub-king Aggabodhi and he alone went to Malaya Rata, met with Prince Aggabodhi and made peace between them. Aggabodhi was invited to the capital city and daughters of the kings, Sangha, was given in the pages of the king in marriage. However, marriage does not seem as happy as the Sangha, leaving her husband and entered the convent. From there she ran off with her cousin Dappula. Sub king Aggabodhi waged war against Dappula with the help of the king and recovered his wife. They reconcile their differences and lived a happy life.

Aggabodhi ascended the throne as King Aggabodhi VII On the death of Aggabodhi VI king Silamegha. He was advanced in years when he ascended the throne. He dedicated six years of his reign, for the development of Buddhism. He repaired and strengthened the image house in Sri Maha Bodhi tree. He also built two viharas - kollanda and Molla Vaataka. He cleansed the order of bhikkus, issued a decree. He also prescribed the manner of holding festivities and funerals. He further gave Herring the ticket of rice is given in three chapters of the Sangha Maha Vihara, Abhayagiri and Jethavana - Theriya, Dhammaruchi and Sagali sects.

He died in the sixth year of his reign, and was succeeded by his nephew, the second son Mahinda Silamegha.

  • King of Anuradhapura and was succeeded by his cousin Aggabodhi VII He took the regnal name of Silamegha and appointed his cousin Aggabodhi son of King
  • Silamegha was King of Anuradhapura in the 9th century, whose reign lasted from 787 to 807. He succeeded Aggabodhi VII as King of Anuradhapura and was succeeded
  • succeeded by his nephew Aggabodhi VI. He was a sentimental person who refused to wear the crown due to his grief on the death of his old friend, Nila. Nila
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  • houses over a period of 500 years and there is no overlap of names, Vijayabahu I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII The same is true for Aggabodhi Bhuvanaikabahu
  • medical treatise in Sanskrit, is also attributed to King Buddhadasa. King Aggabodhi VII 766 772 A.C. is known for his medical research and according to the
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