ⓘ Angels from Hell


ⓘ Angels from Hell

Angels from Hell is a 1968 action film directed by Bruce Kessler and starring Tom Stern and Arlene Martel. It was the first film produced by Joe Solomons Fanfare Films, a firm Solomon had created with the profits from three previous biker films. The film was shot in Bakersfield, California. The screenplay was written by Jerome Wish, and the film used music by the Peanut Butter Conspiracy and the Lollipop Shoppe.


1. Plot

A former motorcycle club leader, Mike Tom Stern, returns home from Vietnam to resume his life and form a new motorcycle club. Using all his gathered experience as a hero from the war he tries to unite all the existing motorcycle clubs in the neighborhood and put together a brand new, super outlaw club. They beat a road police officer who wants to give them a parking ticket. Although the sheriff tries to calm everybody down, things are not going down well. Very soon Mike faces big trouble when Speed, one of his gang members, is stopped on fake possession charges and murdered on retaliation. The trouble intensifies when an all-out cop against biker war breaks out.


2. Cast

  • Stephen Oliver as Speed
  • Ted Markland as Smiley
  • Paul Bertoya as Nutty Norman
  • Tom Stern as Mike
  • Jack Starrett as Bingham
  • Jimmy Murphy as Tiny Tim
  • Arlene Martel as Ginger