ⓘ Boys' School


ⓘ Boys School

Boys School is a 1938 French drama film by Christian-Jaque based on the novel of the same title by Pierre Very. It has become a cult movie.


1. Plot

Shortly before the war, strange things happen at night at the School of Saint-Agil. Students begin to disappear. Three students of Saint-Agil, Beaume Sorgue and Macroy, have created a secret society to prepare leaving for America. One evening, one of them, Sorgue, sees a man through a wall in the natural sciences class. He then disappears after having been sent to the principals office. When Macroy vanishes in turn, the whole institution is in turmoil. The last member of the secret society still at school, Beaume, might be expelled as well after the yearly school party. During this party, Lemel, the alcoholic art teacher, dies after a fall when a power outage leaves the school in the black. Everyone believes in an accident but Beaume decides to investigate. He chooses to disappear as well and, with the help of the mysterious and spooky English teacher, he manages to discover the counterfeiting business at work in the school insides.


2. Cast

  • Armand Bernard as Mazeau, the concierge
  • Jean Buquet as the snitch
  • Robert Rollis as a schoolboy
  • Felix Claude as a schoolboy
  • Jean Claudio as Mathieu Sorgue
  • Martial Rebe as the dorm supervisor
  • Malbert as Alexis, the miller
  • Serge Grave as Beaume
  • Jacques Derives as Planet
  • Charles Aznavour as a schoolboy
  • Claude Roy as the schoolboy with a turtle
  • Michel Simon as Lemel, the art teacher
  • Serge Reggiani as a schoolboy
  • Rene Genin as Donnadieu, the music teacher
  • Aime Clariond as the school principal
  • Marcel Mouloudji as Philippe Macroy
  • Robert Le Vigan as Cesar, the counterfeiter
  • Erich von Stroheim as Walter, the English teacher
  • Robert Ozanne as a nurse
  • Pierre Labry as Bernardin