ⓘ Malum perforans


ⓘ Trophic ulcer

Malum perforans is a long-lasting, usually painless ulcer that penetrates deep into or through the skin, usually on the sole of the foot. It is often a complication in diabetes mellitus and other conditions affecting the nerves.

  • se Latin phrase meaning wrong or evil in itself Malum perforans long - lasting, usually painless ulcer Shah Malum 14th - century Sufi saint Maloum album
  • Carotenosis Diabetic dermopathy Diabetic bulla Diabetic cheiroarthropathy Malum perforans Necrobiosis lipoidica Limited joint mobility is observed in roughly
  • burning mouth syndrome, burning tongue, orodynia Levator ani syndrome Malum perforans pedis neurotrophic ulcer, perforating ulcer of the foot Meralgia