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Endocellion is a genus of flowering plants in the daisy family Asteraceae. There is only one accepted species, Endocellion glaciale grown in the Eastern part of Russia.


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  • and endemic to a limited area of the Sikhote - Alin mountains in Primorskiy Krai in the Russian Far East. The name causes much confusion because of other
  • parts of Russia and Kazakhstan without endemic genera, with few endemic species Altai - Sayan Province Parts of Russia and Mongolia with one endemic genus
  • of moss in the family Leskeaceae. It is endemic to Russia where it is an endangered species known from only five to seven locations in the Russian Far
  • The flora and fauna of Chennai are the plants and animals in Chennai, India. The Marina Beach is the country s longest urban beach, and its 13 - km length
  • area is a refuge for desert flora in the region. There are up to 279 species of rare plants, including several which are endemic such as Iris acutiloba
  • ancestors of which were once common throughout the Northern Hemisphere up to subpolar latitudes found refuge here. The Eastern Asiatic Region endemic flora is
  • broadly endemic to Europe: from the British Isles in the west to European Russia and the Caucasus in the east and from the coastal region of Norway to
  • conservation of the reference area of low - land desert dry steppe zone flora and habitats of endemic Tulipa rosea Vved. and Tulipa ferganica Vved.. The botanical
  • Leymus akmolinensis is a species of grass endemic to Russia and Kazakhstan. Aneurolepidium akmolinense Drobow Nevski Elymus akmolinensis Drobow Elymus