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Academie Royale de Danse - Academy Award for Best Dance Direction - Acro dance - Action stroke dance notation - Aerial dance - Aerobics - African dance - Albanian dances - Allemande - Antikristos - Antimasque - Arab dance - Aragonaise - Armenian dance - Assyrian folk dance - The Australian Ballet - Australian Ballet School - Australian contemporary dance - Austrian folk dance - Authentic Movement - Awards - Azerbaijani ballet - Azerbaijani dances

Outline of dance

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to dance: Dance – human movement either used as a form of expression or presented in a social, spiritual or performance setting. Choreography is the art of making dances, and the person who does this is called a choreographer. Definitions of what constitutes dance are dependent on social, cultural, aesthetic, artistic and moral constraints and range from functional movement such as Folk dance to codified, virtuoso techniques such as ballet. A great many dances and dance styles are performed to dance music.

List of dances

This is the main list of dances. It is a non-categorized, index list of specific dances. It may also include dances which could either be considered specific dances or a family of related dances. For example, ballet, ballroom dance and folk dance can be single dance styles or families of related dances. See following for categorized lists: List of dance style categories List of national dances List of folk dances sorted by origin Categories listed on these specialized categorized lists should also be included in this general index.

List of female dancers

Juliet Prowse 1936–1996, Indian-born, stage dancer, starred in Can-Can Phyllis Spira 1943–2008, prima ballerina, teacher, performed with Cape Towns CAPAB Nadia Nerina 1927–2008, prima ballerina who made her glittering career with The Royal Ballet in London

National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame

The National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame, in the Saratoga Spa State Park, Saratoga Springs, New York, was established in 1986. It contains photographs, videos, artifacts, costumes and biographies. The museum is located in the former Washington Bath House and was founded by Marylou Whitney. It is related to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center and also provides dance classes and master classes through the Lewis A. Swyer School for the Arts, which hosts the New York State Summer School of the Arts during July and August. The National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame purposed a mission fr ...

List of dance style categories

This is a list of dance categories, different types, styles, or genres of dance. For older and more region-oriented vernacular dance styles, see List of ethnic, regional, and folk dances by origin.

List of theaters for dance

This is a list of theaters designated for the express purpose of presenting and producing dance performances. Dance venues such as these often have particular attributes including sprung floors and steeply raked seating areas. In addition, these spaces commonly convert into dance studios and are equipped with mirrors.


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