ⓘ Cisco, Utah


ⓘ Cisco, Utah

The town started in the 1880s as a saloon and water-refilling station for the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. As work crews and, later, travelers came through, stores, hotels and restaurants sprang up to accommodate them. Nearby cattle ranchers and sheep herders in the Book Cliffs north of town began using Cisco as a livestock and provisioning center. Around the turn of the 20th century, over 100.000 sheep were sheared at Cisco before being shipped to market. After oil and natural gas were discovered, people began traveling more and Cisco continued to grow. The towns decline coincided with the demise of the steam locomotive. A declining economy crashed when Interstate 70 was built, bypassing Cisco.

The site of the city contains many relics of a typical old West railroad town. Cisco survived long enough into the 20th century to be assigned a zip code, 84515. Ghost towns easy access and proximity to the freeway have lured vandals. Relics are heavily damaged and the town is dotted with abandoned vehicles. While Cisco had permanent residents for many years, there are many known deposits of shale oil, about Cisco, and efforts have been made over the years to extract this shale, leading to the city, with several residents working on the respective drilling companies-migrants.

In 1993, nearby, the family purchased 35 acres and to this day the inhabitants.

In the 2010s, Eileen Muse beginning Snæfellsjökull to Cisco, which has received some attention in the artist community.

  • The Cisco Springs Oil and Gas Field is located in Grand County, Utah at 39 04 30 N 109 21 19 W 39.07500 N 109.35528 W 39.07500 - 109.35528Coordinates:
  • in Cisco Utah Very little is left of Cisco today, and it has no actual population. Most Cisco residents have moved to the nearby locales of Cisco Grove
  • Cisco Oil Field is an oil field located in Grand County, Utah The field was discovered in 1924 in the now abandoned town of Cisco Utah It is one of
  • called Cisco by the United States Census Bureau in 2000 Cisco Texas, a city Cisco Group, a geologic group in Texas Cisco Utah a ghost town Cisco Oil
  • canyon located on the Colorado River in Eastern Utah between the Utah Colorado state line and Cisco Utah The inner gorge of the canyon is made up of black
  • The Bonneville cisco Prosopium gemmifer is a species of cisco endemic to Bear Lake along the Utah - Idaho border, United States. It is one of three species
  • remainder of the bypassed road through Cisco was relinquished to the county. The highway was recognized by the Utah Scenic Byways program for its scenic
  • Wayback Machine. Utah Division of Water Quality. Oncorhynchus clarkii utah Suckley, 1874 Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Bonneville Cisco Archived from
  • home court and comes to an end at an intersection with Old Cisco Highway. Across Old Cisco Highway is the former Thompson railroad depot of the Denver
  • everything. US 6 in Utah passes through or by several ghost towns including Tintic, Thistle, Tucker, Soldier Summit, Colton, Woodside and Cisco Most of these