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  • Protected areas of Brazil included various classes of area according to the National System of Conservation Units SNUC a formal, unified system for
  • biologica, Rebio in Brazil is a legally defined type of protected area of Brazil a conservation unit that aims for full preservation of biota and other natural
  • This is a list of all described Ediacaran genera, including the Ediacaran biota 227 genera are contained in this list. Valid genus Junior synonym Vague
  • molluscs of Brazil are a part of the molluscan fauna of Brazil There are at least 1, 074 native nominal species of non - marine molluscs living in Brazil There
  • collection of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that are present on or in a human body. A biota is the total collection of organisms of a geographic
  • a few species have become naturalized in various parts of the Old World. The Plant List lists 87 species, although other authorities suggest only 20.
  • area situated nearby a limestone quarry Limeira quarry state of São Paulo, Brazil Biota Neotropica, 12 4 doi: 10.1590 S1676 - 06032012000400020 Souza
  • for 12 endangered species according to the lists of Threatened Species of Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazilian Endangered Species and IUCN Red List: Araucaria
  • Stylommatophora PDF Biota Colombiana. 9 1 39 62. Hausdorf B 2005 The Genus Lilloiconcha in Colombia Gastropoda: Charopidae PDF Journal of Natural History