ⓘ Nevsky Prospekt (painting)


ⓘ Nevsky Prospekt (painting)

Nevsky Prospekt is a cityscape painting by Gleb Savinov, Russian painter and art educator, a member of the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists, who lived and worked in Saint Petersburg, regarded as one of the leading representatives of the Leningrad School of Painting, most famous for his genre and portrait painting. The cityscape depicts the life of the main street of Leningrad in summer day of the mid-1980s.


1. History

This painting continued lyrical series of works devoted to Leningrad, which artist began thirty years ago. Savinov as painter always attracted not everyday life as such, but the problems of showing of people and objects in their environment, which gives a special deep of meaning, coloristic and emotional picture of the entire composition. Nevsky Prospect has always been a sensitive barometer of the state of society. This painting truthfully and some ironically show the atmosphere of anticipation and a lively crowd, which are specific not only for this part of the Nevsky Prospect before exit the Palace Square, but also for the mid-1980s in general.

In 1991 Nevsky Prospekt was shown in Savonovs solo exhibition at the Leningrad Union of Artists. In 1997 the painting was displayed at the art exhibition "Memory of Teacher", dedicated to creativity of the Leningrad artists, who studied in Alexander Osmerkin art studio in the Repin Institute of Arts.

It was reproduced and described among 350 art works by Leningrad artists in the 2007 book Unknown Socialist Realism: The Leningrad School, published in Russian and English.