ⓘ Bibliography of encyclopedias: art and artists


ⓘ Bibliography of encyclopedias: art and artists

This is a list of encyclopedias and encyclopedic/biographical dictionaries published on the subject of art and artists in any language. Entries are in the English language unless stated as otherwise.


1. General art


  • Engen, Rodney K. Dictionary of Victorian wood engravers. Chadwyck-Healey, 1985. ISBN 0859641392.


  • Newman, Harold. Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry. Thames & Hudson, 1987.

1.1. General art Furniture

  • Aronson, Joseph. Encyclopedia of Furniture. 3rd ed., Crown, 1965.
  • Fairbanks, Jonathan and Elizabeth Bidwell Bates. American Furniture: 1620 to the Present. Marek, 1981.
  • Boyce, Charles. Dictionary of Furniture. Facts on File, 1985.
  • Gloag, John and Clive Edwards. A Complete Dictionary of Furniture. Rev. ed., Overlook Press, 1991.

1.2. General art Jewelry

  • Newman, Harold. Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry. Thames & Hudson, 1987.

1.3. General art Pottery and porcelain

  • Hamer, Frank and Janet. Potters Dictionary of Materials and Techniques. 3rd ed., University of Pennsylvania Press, 1991.
  • Cameron, Elisabeth. Encyclopedia of Pottery & Porcelain, 1800–1960. Facts on File, 1986.
  • Boger, Louise Ade. Dictionary of World Pottery and Porcelain. Scribners, 1970.

1.4. General art Textiles

  • Yarwood, Doreen. The Encyclopedia of World Costume. Scribners, 1978; Outlet Book Company, 1988.
  • Sichel, Marion. Costume Reference. Plays, Inc., 1977–78.
  • Racinet, August. Historical Encyclopedia of Costume. Facts on File, 1988.
  • Wilcox, Turner. Dictionary of Costume. Scribners, 1968.
  • Jerde, Judith. The Encyclopedia of Textiles. Facts on File, 1992.

1.5. General art Design

  • Jervis, Simon. Facts on File Dictionary of Design and Designers. Facts on File, 1984.
  • Osborne, Harold. The Oxford Companion to the Decorative Arts. Oxford, 1975.
  • Riley, Noel, Bayer, Patricia 2003: The Elements of Design: a practical encyclopedia of the decorative arts from the Renaissance to the present, Free Press, 544 pages. ISBN 9780743222297.
  • Morteo, Enrico 2008: Grande Atlante del Design dal 1850 a oggi, Electa – Mondadori, 422 pages. ISBN 978-8837048976. in Italian
  • Fleming, John & Hugh Honour. The Penguin Dictionary of Decorative Arts. rev. ed., Viking, 1990.
  • Byars, Mel 2004: The Design Encyclopedia, New York, The Museum of Modern Art, 832 pages. ISBN 978-0870700125.
  • Pendergast, Sara. Contemporary designers. St. James Press, 1997. ISBN 1558621849.
  • Livingston, Alan, Isabella Livingston. The Thames and Hudson dictionary of graphic design and designers. Thames & Hudson, 2003. ISBN 0500203539.
  • Pile, John. Dictionary of 20th-Century Design. Facts on File, 1990.


1.6. General art Photography

  • Auer, Michel, Michele, Ides et calendes. Encyclopedie internationale des photographes des debuts à nos jours = Photographers encyclopedia international from its beginnings to the present. Ides et calendes, 1997. ISBN 2825801267.
  • Stroebel, Leslie and Richard D. Zakia. The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography. Focal Press, 1993.
  • Willis-Thomas, Deborah. An illustrated bio-bibliography of black photographers, 1940–1988. Garland, 1989. ISBN 082408389X.
  • Mautz, Carl. Biographies of western photographers: A reference guide to photographers working in the 19th century American West. Carl Mautz, 1997. ISBN 0962194077.
  • Hannavy, John. Encyclopedia of nineteenth-century photography. Taylor & Francis Group, 2008. ISBN 0415972353.
  • Warren, Lynne. Encyclopedia of twentieth-century photography. Routledge, 2006. ISBN 1579583938.
  • Auer, Michele, Michel Auer. Encyclopedie internationale des photographes de 1839 à nos jours = Photographers encyclopaedia international 1839 to the present. in English and French. Editions Camera obscura, 1985. ISBN 2903671044.
  • Evans, Martin Marix, Amanda Hopkinson, Andrei Baskakov. Contemporary photographers. St. James Press, 1995. ISBN 1558621903.
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  • International Center of Photography Encyclopedia of Photography. Crown, 1984.
  • Peres, Michael R. The Focal encyclopedia of photography: Digital imaging, theory and applications, history, and science. Elsevier/Focal Press, 2007. ISBN 9780240807409.
  • Carroll, John and William Broecker. Encyclopedia of Practical Photography. Amphoto, 1977–1978.


1.7. General art Sculpture

  • Opitz, Glenn B. Dictionary of American sculptors: 18th century to the present, illustrated with over 200 photographs. Apollo, 1984. ISBN 0938290037.
  • Hachet, Jean-Charles 2005: Dictionnaire des sculpteurs et fondeurs animaliers de lAntiquite à nos jours, Argusvalentines, 2 vols, 1.088 pages. ISBN 978-2919769131. in French
  • Bostrom, Antonia 2003: The Encyclopedia of Sculpture, 3 vols, Routledge, 1.936 pages. ISBN 978-1579582487.
  • Gunnis, Rupert 1953: later editions 1968 and 2009: Dictionary of British Sculptors 1660–1851
  • Beaulieu, Michele, Victor Beyer. Dictionnaire des sculpteurs français du moyen age. Picard, 1992. ISBN 2708404245.
  • Mills, John 2005: Encyclopedia of Sculpture Techniques, paperback, Batsford, 240 pages. ISBN 978-0713489309.
  • Durre, Stefan 2007: Seemanns Lexikon der Skulptur: Bildhauer, Epochen, Themen, Techniken, Seeman, 464 pages. ISBN 9783865021014. in German


1.8. General art Symbolism

  • Sill, Gertrude Grace. Handbook of Symbols in Christian Art. Macmillan, 1975.
  • Speake, Jennifer. The Dent dictionary of symbols in Christian art. J. M. Dent, 1994. ISBN 0460861387.
  • Roberts, Helene E. Encyclopedia of comparative iconography: Themes depicted in works of art. Fitzroy Dearborn, 1998. ISBN 1579580092.
  • Drake, Maurice and Wilfred Drake 1916. Saints and their emblems. Philadelphia: Lippincott.
  • Rochelle, Mercedes. Post-Biblical saints art index: A locator of paintings, sculptures, mosaics, icons, frescoes, manuscript illuminations, sketches, woodcuts, and engravings, created from the 4th century to 1950, with a directory of the institutions holding them. McFarland, 1994. ISBN 0899509428.
  • Hall, James. Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art. Harper & Row, 1979.

2. Bibliography

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