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Open Power Template

Open Power Template is a web template engine written in PHP 5. A common strategy in designing web application is separation of the application logic from the presentation. OPT is a tool for implementing such separation. The presentation layer is represented by templates, text files with HTML code and extra instructions controlling the data substitution. OPT uses a dedicated XML template language for writing templates. It is not a general-purpose, but a domain-specific language. It was primarily designed to support and simplify template-specific problems with a set of declarative instructio ...


vlibTemplate is a template engine written in PHP. Programmers and web developers may use it for web development. vlibTemplate is a PHP class that is intended to make splitting PHP from HTML a simple and natural task, using markup tags. This class allows users to set values for variables, loops, if statements, etc. which are declared in the template. vlibTemplate is a part of vLIB. It has an interface to vlibDate and vlibMimeMail.