ⓘ Lost Voyage


ⓘ Lost Voyage

Lost Voyage is a 2001 supernatural thriller directed, edited and co-written by Christian McIntire that debuted as a Sci Fi Pictures TV-movie on the Sci Fi Channel.


1. Plot

The movie opens introducing Aaron Roberts 8 years old along with his Father, stepmother and Grandmother. Before his Father and Stepmother depart from Jersey, they offer Aaron a special pocket knife as a gift, which he swiftly rejects and criticises his new Stepmother, stating that" She’s not my Mother! Having parted from Aaron, his Father and Stepmother discuss Aaron’s behaviour and conclude to" Give him time” Then, upon the bridge of the Corona Queen, the Captain and crew discover a mysterious signal fast approaching. Moments later, homicidal spirits enter the ship, wounding the Captain and enter the quarters of Aaron’s Father and Stepmother. The entire crew are killed off screen and the Corona enters the mysterious dimension of the Bermuda Triangle. We are later told that most of the crew and passengers are slaughtered and the rest have simply vanished. The children were the last to disappear.

Shifting to the present day 25 years later the grown Aaron Roberts is depicted recording the story of the Mary Celeste. Then a mysterious, black figure is seen outside his office. He tells Aaron that the similarities between the 2 cases Mary Celeste and Corona Queen are remarkable. Aaron contradicts him by telling him that the Corona Queen has never been found. Then, the figure moves away and vanishes off screen. Aaron quickly encounters his colleague Mary who tells him that the Corona Queen has been found adrift off the Bermuda islands. We are then introduced to Dana Elway and Julie Largow, who discover the story of the Corona Queen and conclude to fly out to the ship to capture a memorable story. As TV rivals, Dana is unhappy to hear that Julie is taking over for Dana whilst on vacation. Dana decides to visit Aaron’s apartment and attempt to convince him to accompany her team to the Corona. At first, Aaron refuses but after a dream taking him back to the tragic events on the Corona, he accepts. On the way in a storm across the sea in a helicopter, they discuss the Bermuda Triangle and wonder where the Corona Queen has been for so long. Aaron presents the idea that the Triangle is somehow a gateway to a place unknown, perhaps even hell itself. After an encounter of turbulence, Salvage Leader David Shaw and his 2 best salvage operators along with the pilot of the helicopter Pilot find the Corona Queen. The salvage gear is dropped from the helicopter to the ship deck and the crew make their way through to the interior. Firstly they find that the windows of the deck have been smashed to pieces and decide that it may have been the work of terrorists or Pirates. However wonder where the bodies of everyone are as the ship appears completely deserted.

The Corona Queen looks new, but no signs of life. The team sets to work in the crews mess down below in the ship. Aaron accompanies Shaws salvage operators Dazz and Fields to get some atmospheric variance readings where they begin to reassemble the connections in the power/electrical room. Aaron begins to sense a presence in the room as he wanders off by himself deeper into the interior of the Corona Queen. Meanwhile Dana, and Julie as the field correspondent, interview Shaw and we are given some historical information about the background of the ship. After the producer of a tabloid television series Janet Gunn sends in a paranormal researcher Judd Nelson whose father and stepmother were aboard the ship, homicidal spirits attack the TV crew, including the cameraman Richard Gunn; a cruise-line representative Lance Henriksen; and two salvagers Jeff Kober, Mark Sheppard.

Dana and Aaron barely manage to get away as the ship is once again swallowed and sent back to where it had been for three decades. After the event, Dana is promoted to producer of her show, but finds it bittersweet, as she feels it wasnt worth the death of five people. Aaron finds himself in his office listening to his latest dictation, taken the day he was interrupted by the man in the doorway. As he listens he realizes thet the man said "we should all get on with our lives. Good-bye, son. Rewinding the tape several times, hearing the word, son, makes him realize it was his father telling him good-bye.

Dana arrives at his door, taking him out to dinner. As they leave, the phone rings, but Aaron decides to let it go to the answering-machine. As the recording begins, we hear static and we travel with the static, along the wires, and end up at the Corona Queen.


2. Cast

  • Taylor Olandt - Young Dana
  • Janet Gunn - Dana Elway
  • Mark Sheppard - Fields
  • Donna Magnani - Shirrill
  • Jackie Benoit - Aarons Grandma
  • Judd Nelson - Aaron Roberts
  • Wendy Robie - Marie Burnett
  • Jeff Kober - Dazinger
  • Scarlett Chorvat -Julie
  • Trevor Lee Baer - Ghost Boy
  • Que Kelly - Make-Up Girl
  • Josh Cruze - Captain
  • Bill Livingston - Pilot
  • Robert Pine - Kaplan
  • Lance Henriksen - David Shaw
  • Deborah Berry - Danas Mom
  • Christabel Montgomery - Mabel
  • Ron Otis - Navigator
  • Benjamin Eaglin - Navigation
  • Mason Lucero - Young Aaron
  • Richard Gunn - Randall Banks
  • Ron Otis - Helmsman
  • Ray Laska - Parker

3. Crew

  • Producers - Phillip Roth, Jeff Beach, Ken Olandt
  • Writers - Patrick Phillips, Christian McIntire
  • Director, editor - Christian McIntire
  • Director of Photography - Todd Barron
  • Production designer - David Huang
  • Music - Rick McHugh