ⓘ Hatfields & McCoys (miniseries)


ⓘ Hatfields & McCoys (miniseries)

Hatfields & McCoys is a 2012 American three-part Western television miniseries based on the Hatfield–McCoy feud produced by History channel. The two-hour episodes aired on May 28, 29, and 30, 2012.


1. Production

The miniseries was History s first aired scripted drama.

Although the story is set in the Appalachians in West Virginia and Kentucky, the miniseries was shot in Romania, just outside Brașov with the Carpathians standing in for the Appalachians.


The score for the series was composed by John Debney and Tony Morales, with additional music by Kevin Costner and Modern West. The soundtrack features vocals performed by Lisbeth Scott on The Long Road Down.


2.1. Reception Critical reception

The miniseries met with favorable reviews from American critics. Based on 20 reviews from mainstream critics, it received an average score of 68/100 at Metacritic, indicating "generally favorable reviews". Linda Stasi of the New York Post commented:

Entertainment Weekly s Ken Tucker gave the series a B+, stating: "In stretching the tale over three nights, the pacing sags at times, and recriminations can get repetitive. It also doesnt help that Reynolds shot the miniseries in that perpetual sepia tone that gives everything a faux-antique look. But overall, Hatfields & McCoys is engrossing, and enlightening about a feud that proves to be a lot more than the bumpkin brawl of pop legend." Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times wrote:

Among the negative critics was Verne Gay of Newsday who called the series "violent and dull", adding:

Washington Post s Hank Stuever also gave a negative review:


2.2. Reception Accolades

Hatfields & McCoys received 16 nominations at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards, the most since the History Channel began operations. The series was nominated for Outstanding Miniseries or Movie. Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton were both nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie, with Costner winning the award. Tom Berenger won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie and Mare Winningham was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie. Director Kevin Reynolds was nominated for Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries, Movie, or Dramatic Special. Ted Mann, Ronald Parker, and Bill Kerby were nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Movie, or Dramatic Special for the second part of the miniseries. The series won three of its nine technical nominations.


2.3. Reception Ratings

Part one drew the largest ever ratings for a History program and one of the biggest in cable TV history. 13.9 million viewers tuned into the first of three parts, making it the most-watched single broadcast on ad-supported cable ever, excluding sports. Demographic numbers were high as well, with 4.8 million viewers in the adults 18-49 demographic and 5.8 million viewers among adults 24-54. Part two was watched by 13.13 million viewers with an adult 18-49 rating of 3.7, the highest rated programming on cable of the night. Part three was watched by 14.29 million viewers with an adult 18-49 rating of 4.0, making it the number-one program of the night.


3. Effect on tourism

According to WYMT-TV in Hazard, Kentucky, the series has generated an increase in tourism to the area from people wanting to know about the feud. Pike County Tourism Vice Chair Reed Potter said,


4. Home video release

The series was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats on July 31, 2012. The bonus material includes a music video of "I Know These Hills" from Kevin Costner and Modern West from their album Famous for Killing Each Other: Music From and Inspired By Hatfields & McCoys.

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