ⓘ Rebecchino


ⓘ Rebecchino

The Rebecchino was a historic neighborhood of Milan, Italy, located in the immediate surroundings of Milans Cathedral, in what is now Piazza del Duomo. The neighborhood was demolished in the second half of the 19th century to allow for the thorough redesign of the piazza that led to its modern, monumental layout.

Reportedly, the movies were named after the eponymous INN, built in the 16th century, which, in turn, got its name from the fact that his sign was Rebec on it. This hotel was so famous that the word "movies" is also spelled "rebechino" eventually came to mean "cheap hotel" in antonomasia.

In the first place is to be demolished date to the movies back to Napoleonic rule in Milan in the 18th century, when the modern Piazza del Duomo began to take shape. While the Cathedral and the surrounding square had become a symbol of wealth in Milan, inhouse movies, clash with this vision, as it was a chaotic agglomerate of old, decayed buildings, narrow streets were filled with thieves and other villains who could hunt pilgrims visiting the Cathedral.

The order to demolish, inhouse movies, along with coperto dei Figini portico built in the Renaissance, also in the area of the Cathedral was decorated in 1810, however, a quarrel ensued, and a number have been preserved over several decades, something like "the island" in the center of the developing city. The area was eventually filmed on the occasion of the German Emperor Wilhelm I visiting Milan in 1875.

  • altar - piece of the marriage of St Catherine, painted for the chapel of Rebecchino near Pavia. But to judge of his real powers and peculiar ideals, his system
  • Mengoni s design, the piazza was first enlarged an entire neighborhood, the Rebecchino was demolished for this purpose, as well as the popular porticated building
  • Coperto dei Figini is the building on the far right. On the left, the ancient neighborhood of the Rebecchino demolished in the same years as the Coperto.