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  • In 2019 the Chinese Wikipedia has 395 thousand unique categories and 25.57 of them do not have appropriate page in the category namespace. The average
  • categories most frequently absent in Wikipedia s drug articles are those of drug interactions and medication use in breastfeeding. Other categories with
  • consensus rather than fact modeled after the approval - by - consensus format of Wikipedia He ironically praised Wikipedia for following his philosophy of truthiness
  • both categories back into the original American novelists category The American men novelists category was criticized because the two categories together
  • Conflict - of - interest COI editing on Wikipedia occurs when editors use Wikipedia to advance the interests of their external roles or relationships. The
  • American and Caribbean Games entry on Spanish Wikipedia Athletics at the Central American and Caribbean Games Pan American Games in Spanish ODECABE website
  • member can nominate any of the provided games to one or more of the categories Then, for each award category a pre - selected jury of between seven and
  • several categories in which the athletes compete. The allowable disabilities are broken down into ten eligible impairment types. The categories are impaired
  • autograph sessions, and interactive elements. The X Games gained media exposure due to their big name sponsors, top - tier athletes, and consistent fan attendance
  • then. The Commonwealth Games were known as the British Empire Games from 1930 to 1950, the British Empire and Commonwealth Games from 1954 to 1966, and
  • event after the Olympic Games There have been nine nations that have hosted the Asian Games Forty - six nations have participated in the Games including