ⓘ 43rd Venice International Film Festival


ⓘ 43rd Venice International Film Festival

The following people comprised the 1986 jury:

  • Eldar Shengelaya USSR
  • Nanni Moretti Italy
  • Nelson Pereira Dos Santos Brazil
  • Jorn Donner Finland
  • Catherine Wyler USA
  • Roman Gubern Spain
  • Fernando Solanas Argentina
  • Chantal Akerman Belgium
  • Peter Ustinov UK
  • Alberto Lattuada Italy
  • Pontus Hulten Sweden
  • Alain Robbe-Grillet head of jury France
  • Bernhard Wicki West Germany
  • Pal Gabor Hungary

1. Autonomous sections

Venice International Film Critics Week

The following feature films were selected to be screened as In Competition for this section:

  • Walls of Glass aka Flanagan by Scott Goldstein USA
  • Abel by Alex van Warmerdam The Netherlands
  • To Sleep so as to Dream Yume miru yō ni nemuritai by Kaizo Hayashi Japan
  • Disorder Desordre by Olivier Assayas France
  • Sembra morto. ma e solo svenuto lit. "Looks dead. but has only fainted" by Felice Farina Italy
  • Malcolm by Nadia Tass Australia
  • Massey Sahib by Pradip Krishen India

2. Awards

  • Golden Lion
  • The Green Ray Le rayon vert by Eric Rohmer
  • Grand Special Jury Prize
  • Wild Pigeon Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi by Sergei Solovyov
  • A Tale of Love Storia damore by Francesco Maselli
  • A King and His Movie La pelicula del rey by Carlos Sorin
  • Silver Lion Best First Work
  • Volpi Cup Best Actor
  • Carlo delle Piane Christmas Present
  • Valeria Golino A Tale of Love
  • Volpi Cup Best Actress
  • Career Golden Lion
  • Paolo and Vittorio Taviani