ⓘ Ultimul cartuș


ⓘ Ultimul cartuș

Ultimul cartus is a 1973 Romanian crime film directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu. It is about the commissar Roman, portrayed by Ilarion Ciobanu, who is trying to revenge his partners death.


1. Plot

Mihai Roman, the partner of the ex commissar Miclovan Sergiu Nicolaescu tries hard to see Miclovans assassin, Semanca, portrayed by George Constantin, behind bars. Because of the fact that the court didnt have enough evidences, Semanca is set free. In his desperate efforts to imprison Semanca, Mihai Roman receive another mission and another partner in the same time. The new partner, Oarca portrayed by Sebastian Papaiani seems to be an ex servant who is good at everything, moreover he is one of the best at driving on serpentine.


2. Cast

  • Jean Constantin as Floaca
  • Ilarion Ciobanu as Mihai Roman
  • Sebastian Papaiani as Ilie Oarca
  • Colea Rautu as Banica
  • George Constantin as Constantin Semaca
  • Amza Pellea as Jean Semaca
  • Marga Barbu as Doamna Semaca
  • Ion Besoiu as Secretar de partid