ⓘ The Deadly Tower


ⓘ The Deadly Tower

The Deadly Tower, also known as Sniper, is a 1975 television film directed by Jerry Jameson. It stars Kurt Russell and Richard Yniguez and is based on the University of Texas tower shooting.


1. Plot

The film is based on the true story of Charles Joseph Whitman, an engineering student and former Marine who murdered his own wife and mother and then killed 14 more people and wounded 31 others in a shooting rampage at the University of Texas at Austin on the afternoon of August 1, 1966.


2. Cast

  • Alan Vint as Tim Davis
  • Paul Carr as C.T. Foss
  • Maria Elena Cordero as Vinni Martinez as Maria-Elena Cordero
  • Pepe Serna as Mano
  • John Forsythe as Lt. Elwood Forbes
  • Richard Yniguez as Ramiro Martinez
  • Ned Beatty as Alan Crum
  • Clifton James as Captain Fred Ambrose
  • Pernell Roberts as Lieutenant Lee
  • Gilbert Roland as Narrator voice
  • Kurt Russell as Charles Whitman