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Dr.Fill is a computer program that solves American-style crossword puzzles. It was developed by Matt Ginsberg and described by Ginsberg in an article in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research. Ginsberg claims in that article that Dr.Fill is among the top fifty crossword solvers in the world.

As described Ginsberg, Dr. fill works by converting the crossword puzzle for the weighted tasks satisfy the constraints, and then trying to maximize the probability of a fill. Probabilities for individual words or phrases in the puzzle calculated using relatively simple statistical methods based on features such as previous performances, key, number Google to fill, and so on. The doctor fills trying to solve a problem similar to that solved in danger!-game program Watson, Dr. fill works on a laptop instead of a supercomputer and Ginsburg remarks that Watson is far more effective than Dr. fill in this part of the problem. Instead of computing power, the doctor fills depends on the limitations provided by the intersection of words to clarify their answers.

Various artificial intelligence methods are used to attempt to find most likely to fill. They include a small amount of lookahead, limited discrepancy search, and postprocessing. Ginsburg notes that the post processing was chosen for branch-and-bound, because these two techniques are mutually incompatible and postprocessing was found to be more effective in this area.

Dr. fill has participated in the American crossword puzzle tournament 2012, finishing 141st approximately 650 students with a total score of just over 10.000 points. The appearance led to the emergence of various descriptions Dr to fill in the popular press, including the economist, the chronicle San Francisco and SlashGear. Appeared description the doctor to fill out the first page on March 17, 2012 new York times.

The doctor fills out the score in 2013 increased to 10.550, which would have earned it in 92nd place. Video of the program solving the tasks from the tournament available on YouTube. The expense in 2014 improved to 10.790, which would have tied for 67th place. Video program to solve the first six puzzles of this tournament, along with interviews with Ginsberg, describing its performance can be found on YouTube.

Dr. fill largely continues to improve, as 2014. In 2015 he scored 10.920 points and finished in 55th place. In 2016 he scored 11.205 points and finished in 41st place. In 2017, he scored 11.795 and finished in 11th place. In 2018, he scored 10.740 points, dropping to 78 th place. The doctor came back to fill in the "form" in 2019, once again 11.795 scoring and finishing in 14th place.