ⓘ Lyon Metro Line B


ⓘ Lyon Metro Line B

Line B is a line on the Lyon Metro that runs between Charpennes and Gare dOullins. It was constructed using the cut-and-cover method, and went into service on 2 May 1978. Together with Line A, it was one of the inaugural lines of the Lyon Metro. It has since been extended three times: from Part-Dieu to Jean Mace in 1981, from Jean Mace to Stade de Gerland in 2000, and from Stade de Gerland to Oullins railway station in 2013. The line serves 10 stations, and is 7.7 kilometres long. Line B trains run on tires rather than steel wheels; it is a rubber-tired metro line.


1. List of the stations

  • Debourg transfer: tram T1
  • Saxe-Gambetta transfer: metro D
  • Place Guichard - Bourse du Travail
  • Gare dOullins transfer: SNCF
  • Stade de Gerland
  • Brotteaux
  • Jean Mace transfers: SNCF, tram T2
  • Charpennes - Charles Hernu
  • Place Jean-Jaures
  • Gare Part-Dieu - Vivier Merle

2. Chronology

  • 11 December 2013: Stade de Gerland - Gare dOullins
  • 2 May 1978: Charpennes - Part-Dieu
  • 4 September 2000: Jean Mace - Stade de Gerland
  • 14 September 1981: Part-Dieu - Jean Mace

3. Future

Line B was extended a few kilometres southbound from Stade de Gerland to Oullins railway station. A tunnel had to be built under the Rhone River. This extension opened on 11 December 2013 at 2pm 11/12/13, 14:00.

By 2023, Line B will be extended from Gare dOullins to Hopital Lyon Sud South Lyon Hospital. This extension will be long of 2.5 kilometres and will create two new stations: The first is "Oullins Centre" city center of Oullins and the second is "Hopital Lyon Sud" South Lyon Hospital.

Starting from 2020, line B will run with a new driverless system, and new MPL 16 trains will circulate on it. This new rolling stock has been ordered to Alstom in 2016. The current MPL 75 trains will join the others MPL 75 of line A to increase the capacity.