ⓘ Neil Sedaka's Greatest Hits (1977 album)


ⓘ Neil Sedakas Greatest Hits (1977 album)

Neil Sedakas Greatest Hits is a 1977 compilation album consisting of the works of American pop star Neil Sedaka. It contains his most popular songs from his trilogy of Rocket albums from 1974-1976. It was released by The Rocket Record Company in the US; outside the US it was released on the Polydor label.


1. Track listing

Side one

  • 4 Love Will Keep Us Together
  • 2 Standing On The Inside
  • 3 The Immigrant
  • 1 Laughter In The Rain
  • 5 The Hungry Years
  • 6 Thats When The Music Takes Me

Side two

  • 12 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 1975 version
  • 8 Lonely Night Angel Face
  • 10 Solitaire
  • 9 Love In The Shadows
  • 11 Steppin Out
  • 7 Bad Blood
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