ⓘ Calotes mystaceus


ⓘ Calotes mystaceus

Physical Structure: Upper head-scales smooth or feebly keeled, imbricate, scarcely enlarged on supraorbital region, a few small spines on each side of the head above the tympanum, latter measuring at least half the diameter of the orbit. Gular sac small, gular scales feebly keeled, as large as dorsals. An oblique fold in front of the shoulder. Dorso-nuchal crest well developed in the male, composed of falciform spines directed backwards, the longest measuring the diameter of the orbit, it gradually decreases in height on the back, being reduced to a mere denticulation on the sacrum. 45-53 scales round the middle of the body, dorsal scales keeled, nearly twice as large as ventrals, all directed upwards and backwards, ventral scales strongly keeled. The adpressed hind limb reaches the tympanum or the posterior border of the orbit, fourth finger slightly longer than the third. Tail a little compressed, at the base with a slightly serrated upper ridge.

Color pattern: the background color is gray, olive, often with large transverse red spots on the back, lip yellowish.

Length: max: 42 cm, Overall: 28 cm Snout vent 9.5 cm.

Maximum published weight:? G.

  • downtown Ho Chi Minh City. It was formerly thought that Calotes bachae was Calotes mystaceus which inhabits in Burma and Thailand due to their similar
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