ⓘ Beyond the Border (2011 film)


ⓘ Beyond the Border (2011 film)

Beyond the Border is a 2011 Swedish war film directed by Richard Holm with Andre Sjoberg, Antti Reini and Bjorn Sundquist in the main roles.


1. Plot

In 1942 in the Swedish province of Varmland bordering Nazi-occupied Norway, a group of Swedish soldiers leave their post at a check-point in neutral Sweden, and ends up on the wrong side of the border. One soldier is killed and another captured by the Germans, and a rescue operation is underway. However, a Swedish colonel sends out an execution squad to eliminate the lost soldiers and their rescuers, in order to cover up the mistake. The lost Swedish soldiers now suddenly face two different enemies on their way home across the border.


2. Cast

  • Andreas Zetterberg as Pvt. Johansson
  • Andre Sjoberg as 1Lt. Aron Stenstrom
  • Christer Brostrom as Soldier
  • Jorgen Einar as Pvt. Olsson
  • Jens Hulten as Pvt. Hagman
  • Ingmar Robertson as Fu. Ekberg
  • Antti Reini as Cpl. Wille Jarvinen
  • Donald Hogberg as Colonel Duner
  • Robert Follin as Uno Larsson
  • Jan Vilagos as German Groupleader
  • Henrik Johansson as German Torturer
  • Anders Nordahl as Axel Halvars
  • Henrik Norlen as Pvt. Wicksell
  • Johan Hedenberg as Maj. Adolfsson
  • Susanne Thorson as Kaeja
  • Jonas Karlstrom as Pvt. Bergstrom
  • Marie Robertson as Karin Lindstrom
  • Anton Damperud as Soldier
  • Mathias Alstadsater as Soldier
  • Bjorn Sundquist as Egil
  • Martin Wallstrom as Pvt. Sven Stenstrom
  • Rasmus Troedsson as Cpt. Keller