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  • Palaearctic, Aethiopian Afrotropic, Indian Indomalayan, Australasian, Nearctic and Neotropical. The six indicated general groupings of fauna, based on
  • related plant and animal families, include the Palearctic and Nearctic in a single Holarctic ecozone which corresponds to Good s Boreal Kingdom. According to
  • The flora and fauna of Bermuda form part of a unique ecosystem due to Bermuda s isolation from the mainland of North America. The wide range of endemic
  • Fund The ecoregions are within the Nearctic ecozone of the New World, which is part of the Holarctic ecozone of the Northern Hemisphere. Eastern forest - boreal
  • Australia woodlands Australia Nearctic ecozone California chaparral and woodlands United States Palearctic ecozone Baccanico berrywood an area with
  • Neotropic is delimited by similarities in fauna or flora Its fauna and flora are distinct from the Nearctic realm which includes most of North America because
  • geologically unitary provinces. Most of the Peninsular Ranges are in the Nearctic ecozone Several terrestrial ecoregions cover portions of the Peninsular Ranges
  • Eurasia many zoologists consider the Palearctic and Nearctic to be a single Holarctic ecozone See also List of extinct animals of Asia. The boreal
  • found in most of Europe eastward to Ukraine and Turkey, and in the Nearctic ecozone it has been introduced to North America Aphis genistae can reach
  • Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub Biome, and part of the Nearctic ecozone The California chaparral and woodlands ecoregion is subdivided into