ⓘ The Salamander (1971 film)


ⓘ The Salamander (1971 film)

The Salamander is a 1971 Swiss drama film directed by Alain Tanner. The film was selected as the Swiss entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 45th Academy Awards but was not accepted as a nominee.


1. Plot

A young woman is accused of having shot her uncle, but she claims he accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun. Two friends are commissioned to write a film script based on this incident. Each of them chooses an approach in accordance with his profession. The journalist interviews the young woman, yet her statements seem to be contradictory. The romancier just makes up some fictitious explanations which seem plausible, but when he gets to know the woman shes very different from what he has imagined. In the end both refrain from working on this film project.


2. Cast

  • Jacques Denis as Paul
  • Jean-Luc Bideau as Pierre
  • Dominique Catton as Roger
  • Daniel Stuffel as the boss at the shoe shop
  • Veronique Alain as Suzanne
  • Marblum Jequier as Pauls wife as Marblum Jequier
  • Bulle Ogier as Rosemonde
  • Marcel Vidal as Rosemondes uncle
  • Mista Prechac as Rosemondes mother
  • Violette Fleury as the mother of the boss at the shoe shop