ⓘ The Dagger (1999 film)


ⓘ The Dagger (1999 film)

The Dagger is a 1999 Yugoslav war film directed by Miroslav Lekic. The film was written by Miroslav Lekic, Slobodan Stanojevic and Igor Bojovic. The plot is based on Vuk Draskovics novel of the same name.

The main motive of the film is the eventually disclosed nonsense of ethnic division in Bosnia, pointing out to the same historical origin of both opposed ethnic groups, Bosnian Serbs and Bosnian Muslims - Orthodox Christians and Sunni Muslims, respectively. Set in the 1960s and observed from the point of view of Alija Osmanovic, a young Muslim medical student raised by a single mother, his entire family slaughtered and his baby brother kidnaped by Serbs in Second World War, as the aftermath of Jugovici Christian and Osmanovici Muslim violent family feud, he learns not only that Osmanovici were once but a branch of Jugovici family who converted to Islam during the Turkish rule, but that, unbeknownst to his mother, he himself was a baby taken from Jugovici, after the massacre of Jugovici on Christmas Eve in 1942. Both families now extinct, and Alia as the descendant of both, torn between two cultures and two identities, he struggles to maintain his inner peace, desperately searching for his long lost step-brother and fighting the prejudices against the love relationship he has with a Serbian colleague student.

Based on true events of World War II and being centered on the atrocious crimes committed to Serbs during World War II, and the particular families of Jugovici and Osmanovici.

In 1999, the film was screened at the 13th Montenegro Film Festival, and gained five featured awards. The film also earned the" Fipresci Award” for Directing, five acting awards in the Nis Film Festival and the" Crystal Star” at the Brussels Film Festival.


1. Cast

  • Bojana Maljevic: Milica Jankovic
  • Dragan Maksimovic: Zulfikar
  • Aleksandar Bercek: Halil Sikter Efendija
  • Svetozar Cvetkovic: Selim Osmanovic
  • Nikola Kojo: Milan Vilenjak
  • Dragan Nikolic: Hodza
  • Zarko Lausevic: Alija Osmanovic / Ilija Jugovic
  • Velimir Bata Zivojinovic: Nicifor Jugovic
  • Josif Tatic: Kemal Osmanovic
  • Ljiljana Blagojevic: Rabija Osmanovic
  • Petar Bozovic: Sabahudin Aga / Atifaga Tanovic
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