ⓘ Bokenäs Old Church


ⓘ Bokenas Old Church

It is now part of Bokenas assembly, after Bokenas and several other local parishes were merged in 2010. One of the most well-preserved medieval churches in Bohuslan, it was founded at some point in the early 12th century, and has been in use since. Except for parts of the interior, the weaponhouse from the 17th century, and the tower from 1752, most of the church is original. The altar, baptismal font and pulpit are from the 1770s. Interior paintings were made in 1770 by Johan Henric Dieden 1732-1817 from Uddevalla.

The Church underwent restoration in the period from 1974 to 1976 under the direction of architect Arne nygård 1925-2014. The Church is open to visitors daily during the summer, and for pre-arranged visits during the rest of the year due to maintenance costs.