ⓘ Samsung Galaxy Y


ⓘ Samsung Galaxy Y

Samsung Galaxy Y is an Android-based smartphone by Samsung, announced in August 2011. Its main features are 3G connection with speeds up to 7.2 Mbit/s and Wi-Fi.


1. Features

Galaxy Y features Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread OS with Samsungs proprietary TouchWiz user interface, and has integrated social networking apps and multimedia features, including Google Voice Search, and 5.1 channel audio enhancements. It also has a standard 3.5 mm 4-pin audio jack. The device consists of an 832 MHz ARMv6 processor, 290 MB RAM, 190 MB of internal storage and supports up to 32 GB of removable storage through a microSD card. The phone has a 2 MP camera, a screen with a 240x320 resolution and a multitouch interface with the optional SWYPE virtual keyboard. The phone offers connectivity options such as HSDPA 3G connection up to 7.2 Mbit/s and a Wi-Fi connection. The phone also offers Remote Controls which allows phone to be locked, tracked and data to be wiped remotely. The Galaxy Y originally ran on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. An official upgrade to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread was released via Samsung Kies and Over-the-air. The Galaxy Y can also be flashed and upgraded with custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod releases although not officially supported by Samsung. It will run CyanogenMod 7, 9, 11 respectively but it is unofficially supported so there may be stability issues.


1.1. Features Memory

The Galaxy Y features 384MB of RAM and 250 MB of dedicated flash internal storage and has a microSDHC slot up to 32 GB.


1.2. Features Display

The Galaxy Y has a 3-inch 76 mm QVGA 240x320 TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen which has a Pixel density of 133 ppi


1.3. Features Camera

On the back of the device is a 2-megapixel fixed-focus camera without flash that can record videos in up to a maximum QVGA resolution. The Samsung Galaxy Y does not have a front-facing camera and not even a secondary microphone for Noise Cancellation, likely due to cost-cutting measures.


2. Model Variations

Seven variants of the model exist: S5360 L, S5360 B Brazil, S5360 T, S536 3, S536 7, S536 8, and S536 9. Differences can be in baseband, SAR levels, colour, case design, carrier-branding and lock status. S5360L Latin America supports 850 and 1900 MHz UMTS bands. S5363 is typically used as a carrier-rebranded variant by O2. S5369 is a carrier-locked variant for the Italian market.

S536 7 is Galaxy Y TV, which was released in April 2012. That model is differentiated by a digital TV receiver; other features different are an included 2 GB MicroSD card, multitouch support, and a 3.15 Megapixel camera.

S6102 Brazil mod is S6102B is Galaxy Y Duos, phone with dual SIM cards support. Li-ion battery is working with current in 1300 mAh. RAM is 384 Mb. Cameras resolution is 3.2 Mpxs. The main screen button was reduced in 2 times. But screens increased until 3.14". S6102 was introduced on 2011, December 22.