ⓘ Siege of Venlo (1373)


ⓘ Siege of Venlo (1373)

The siege of Venlo in 1373 is one of the many sieges which the Dutch city of Venlo has known. This siege was the first in a long line of sieges which the city has known for centuries.

By the end of the 13th century, Johan van Broeckhuysen lent in Allodium Venlo as a knight of the Count of Guelders. About 1300, van Broeckhuysen improved Stone built town house. In the underground storage house still exists, but in 1597, on the ground floor of the New town hall was built.

In 1343, Venlo was given the rights of the city, there is a second Guelders, who died later that year, and therefore was allowed to build city walls. The construction of this fortress took several decades, but gradually it became a solid structure.

In 1373, the reigning house Guelders died from the ruling of the Duke of Guelders Rhino third had no children, and a fight broke out between two surviving sisters Rhino III had, Mary and Margaret. Meanwhile, Johan van Broeckhuysen also died, but his grandson and named Johan in the investigation of former alodium his family, not to get in jülich hands. In the same year, he organized forces, joined by John II of Blois, who was married to Mary, and thus took part in the first of the succession of Guelders war.

John Blois lost the battle, and thus the city of Venlo, and the Duchy was annexed to the Duchy of jülich.

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