ⓘ List of state routes in New York


ⓘ List of state routes in New York

The following is a list of numbered state highways in the U.S. state of New York. Signed state highways in New York, referred to as "touring routes" by the New York State Department of Transportation, are numbered from 1 to 899. A large number of unsigned state highways, known as "reference routes", are numbered from 900 to 999 and carry a suffix. Four reference routes have been signed as touring routes and as such are listed on this page.

The first set of routes in New York were assigned in 1924, replacing a series of unsigned legislative routes that had existed since 1908. Initially, there were only 29 routes; by the late 1920s, there were several dozen highways. In the 1930 state highway renumbering, some of these routes were reconfigured or renumbered while hundreds of other, smaller routes were assigned. Since that time, routes have been added and removed from the state highway system at various times for reasons ranging from the construction and/or removal of highways to the end result of "maintenance swaps", or transfers of highway maintenance from the state of New York to lower levels of government and vice versa. State-maintained portions of routes have reference markers, small, green signs that are posted approximately every one-tenth mile along the side of the roadway.

Designations that are shaded in dark gray and without a route shield are numbers not currently assigned to a highway. Links to articles on former alignments of designations are listed in the "Former routes" column.


1. Routes 900–999

The 900 through 999 designations are reserved for reference routes, which are unsigned state-maintained highways of varying length. Four of these routes have been signed as touring routes and are listed below.

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