ⓘ Wetlands (2011 film)


ⓘ Wetlands (2011 film)

Wetlands is a 2011 Canadian film from Quebec written and directed by Guy Edoin and starring Pascale Bussieres, Gabriel Maille, Luc Picard and François Papineau. It had its Canadian premier at the Toronto International Film Festival and its Quebec premier at the Festival de Cinema de la Ville de Quebec. Theatrical release was on October 14, 2011.


1. Plot

During a drought, conflict disrupts the life of the Santerre family on a dairy farm in Quebecs Eastern Townships. By confronting themselves they learn to forgive.


2. Cast

  • Gabriel Maille as Simon
  • Michel Perron as a well-digger father
  • Julien Lemire as a young farmer
  • Pascale Bussieres as Marie
  • Guillaume Cyr as a well-digger son
  • Valerie Blain as danser
  • Angele Coutu as Therese
  • François Papineau as Pierre
  • Luc Picard as Jean
  • Denise Dubois as Rejeanne

3. Awards / Nominations

  • 2011: Nominated for "Best First Film" at the Mostra Venice Film Festival
  • 2011: Nominated for "KINO Audience Award – International Film Critics Week" at the Mostra Venice Film Festival
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