ⓘ Conspiracy to murder


ⓘ Conspiracy to murder

A person guilty of conspiracy to murder is liable to imprisonment for life for any shorter term.

As to the maximum sentence in a case where the agreement was entered into before Part I of the Criminal Law Act 1977 came into force, see section 55 of that Act.

See the Crown Prosecution Service sentencing manual.

The following cases are relevant:

  • R v Khalil and others 1 Cr App R S 31 see Dhiren Barot

1. Northern Ireland

Conspiracy to murder is an offence by virtue of article 91 of the Criminal Attempts and Conspiracy Northern Ireland Order 1983 S.I. 1983/1120 N.I. 13).


2. Canada

Section 465 of the countrys Criminal Code makes conspiracy to commit murder an indictable offence, punishable by a maximum term of life imprisonment.


3. Australia

The law varies between states with the maximum sentence for this offence being 14 years imprisonment in Queensland and 25 years imprisonment in New South Wales.