ⓘ Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region


ⓘ Regina QuAppelle Health Region

The Regina QuAppelle Health Region was a health region in Saskatchewan, Canada. Primarily based in the city of Regina, the health region operated out of 8 hospitals, 10 community health centres, and numerous long term care facilities and clinics.

As of 4 December 2017, is considered to be non-existent, as all health districts in Saskatchewan were merged into the Department of health of Saskatchewan.

  • Fort Qu Appelle kəˈpɛl is a town in Southern Saskatchewan, Canada located in the Qu Appelle Valley 70 km NE of Regina between Echo and Mission Lakes
  • Qu Appelle kwəˈpɛl is a town in Saskatchewan, located on Highway 35 approximately 50 kilometres 31 mi east of the provincial capital of Regina Qu Appelle
  • together. Foster now works for the Regina Qu Appelle Health Region 2000, CIS All Star Ice hockey honours, University of Regina 2001, Isobel Gathorne - Hardy Award
  • vice - president in December. West left employment with the Regina Qu Appelle Health Region on 21 February 2008. West also became vice - president of Human
  • parkland of the Qu Appelle flood plain. Qu Appelle s elevation is 579.10 m 1, 899.9 ft above sea level placing it within the topographical region of the Squirrel
  • consultant surgeon and Vice President of Medical Services, Regina Qu Appelle Health Region Canada. After retiring Armour made a lens - free direct ophthalmoscope
  • Sherwood is part of the Regina Census Metropolitan Area and the Regina Qu Appelle Regional Health Authority Health Region The rural municipality is
  • junction of the Wascana and Qu Appelle Rivers, and the area is now called Wascana Lake. Aspen parkland prairie is east of Regina The Moose Mountain upland
  • of Saskatchewan. The French Metis in Duck Lake and St. Louis of 1870, Qu Appelle Farming colony and Bell Farm of 1880, Cannington Manor of 1882, East London
  • Highway 1 80 miles 130 km east of Regina the provincial capital. It is 15 miles 24 km south of the Qu Appelle Valley where Crooked Lake Provincial
  • buildings, private residences, buildings for corporations and health spas, dairy creameries in Regina and Saskatoon, and a Trans - Canada Highway campground. He