ⓘ Family Life (1971 British film)


ⓘ Family Life (1971 British film)

Family Life is a 1971 British drama film directed by Ken Loach from a screenplay by David Mercer. It is a remake of In Two Minds, an episode of the BBCs Wednesday Play series first transmitted by the BBC in March 1967, which was also written by Mercer and directed by Loach.


1. Plot

A young woman, Janice, is living with her restrictive and conservative parents, who lead a dull working-class life, and consider their daughter to be "misbehaving" whenever shes trying to find her own way in life. When she becomes pregnant, they force her into abortion, and hypocritically blame her for "upsetting them" when she is unable to cope with the emotional and mental effect this has on her. Janice is subjected to shockingly self-righteous and ignorant doctors.


2. Production

Half the budget was provided by the National Film Finance Corporation the other half by Nat Cohen and Anglo-EMI. The film was screened at the New York Film Festival on 3 October 1972.


3. Awards


  • 1972 Berlin International Film Festival
  • FIPRESCI Prize – Forum of New Film: Ken Loach
  • OCIC Award – Forum of New Film: Ken Loach
  • Interfilm Award – Forum of New Cinema: Ken Loach
  • Critics Award – Best Foreign Film: Ken Loach UK
  • French Syndicate of Cinema Critics 1974
  • Audience Award – Best Feature-Length Fiction Film: Ken Loach
  • Sydney Film Festival 2003
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