ⓘ Il Guarany


ⓘ Il Guarany

Il Guarany is an opera ballo composed by Antonio Carlos Gomes, based on the novel O Guarani by Jose de Alencar. Its libretto, in Italian rather than Gomes native Portuguese, was written by Antonio Scalvini and Carlo DOrmeville. The work is notable as the first Brazilian opera to gain acclaim outside Brazil. Maria Alice Volpe has analysed the historical subtext of the Indianismo movement behind Il Guarany.


1. Performance history

The world premiere took place at La Scala, Milan on 19 March 1870. The opera received additional European productions. It was performed at the Zagreb theater in 1883 and 1886. The first Brazilian performance was in Rio de Janeiro on 2 December 1870, at the Theatro D. Pedro II. More recently, in 1996, Il Guarany was mounted by the Washington National Opera with Placido Domingo in the role of Peri.

The duet Sento una forza indomita for tenor and soprano had a vogue: it was in the recorded repertoire of Francesco Marconi with Bice Mililotti, 1908, and of Enrico Caruso with Emmy Destinn, 1914.

  • The club was named after Carlos Gomes Il Guarany Carlos Garrastazu, one of the club s founders, was Guarany s first president. Campeonato Gaucho: 1920
  • Guarani, an 1857 novel by Jose de Alencar Il Guarany an opera by Carlos Gomes, based on the above novel Guarany film a 1948 Italian film directed by
  • later the novel was turned into an opera performed in Italian and called Il Guarany 1870 by Carlos Gomes, among other places it was presented in Milan
  • not yet officially started his career. After the successful premiere of Il Guarany Gomes was considered the most promising new composer. Verdi said his
  • Company, amongst which are several duets from La traviata and Carlos Gomes Il Guarany with the famous tenor Giovanni Zenatello. Moreover, Pereira participated
  • president. Guarani was named after maestro Antonio Carlos Gomes opera Il Guarany Antonio Carlos Gomes was born in Campinas, Brazil, and is one of the
  • at the Royal Opera House until 1884 his roles there included Pery in Il Guarany Radames in Aida, and the title role in Lohengrin. He created the role
  • often used typically Brazilian themes in his work, such as in his operas Il Guarany and Lo schiavo. The nineteenth - century opera Guatimotzin by Mexican composer
  • presented in 1996 very successful performances of Fosca, Maria Tudor and Il Guarany They can be seen complete in YouTube. Felix M. Galvan Bird, MD Puerto
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