ⓘ Mees' lines


ⓘ Mees lines

Mees lines or Aldrich–Mees lines, also called leukonychia striata, are white lines of discoloration across the nails of the fingers and toes.

  • Beau s lines they are not grooved no 3 - dimensional deformity and in contrast to Mees lines the thumb is usually not involved. Muehrcke s lines are
  • underlying nail bed, and not the nail itself. Beau s lines should also be distinguished from Mees lines of the fingernails, which are areas of discoloration
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  • Charles L. Mee born September 15, 1938 is an American playwright, historian and author known for his collage - like style of playwriting, which makes
  • leukonychia totalis. Leukonychia striata, transverse leukonychia, or Mees lines are a whitening or discoloration of the nail in bands or stria that
  • subungual melanoma. White lines across the nail leukonychia striata, or transverse leukonychia may be Mees lines or Muehrcke s lines Small white patches
  • Final Report prepared for EC DG VII PDF Woking, Surrey, UK: MVA Limited. Mees P Stone, J Imran, M Nielsen, G 2010 Public transport network planning:
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