ⓘ Nada (1974 film)


ⓘ Nada (1974 film)

Nada is a Franco-Italian political thriller film directed by Claude Chabrol released in 1974 and adapted from the crime novel Nada by Jean-Patrick Manchette. Inspired by the May 1968 events in France, the film has been described as a social thriller.


1. Synopsis

The anarchist group "Nada" kidnaps the United States Ambassador to France in a brothel. During the operation, a police officer is killed and commissaire Goemond is given a free hand to do everything to resolve this affair…


2. Crew

Source: IMDb

  • Length: 110 minutes
  • Distributor: Les Films de La Boetie, CIC - Cinema International Corporation
  • Script: Aurore Paquiss
  • Music: Pierre Jansen
  • Director: Claude Chabrol
  • Script: Claude Chabrol
  • Director of photography: Jean Rabier
  • Scenery: Guy Littaye
  • Assistant-director: Regis Wargnier
  • Screenplay: Claude Chabrol from the novel Nada by Jean-Patrick Manchette
  • Producer: Andre Genoves
  • Production: Les Films de La Boetie, Italian International Film Rome
  • Editor: Jacques Gaillard
  • Sound: Guy Chichignoud

3. Cast

  • François Perrot
  • Michel Aumont Goemond
  • Lyle Joyce Ambassador Poindexter
  • Daniel Lecourtois The Prefet
  • Andre Falcon the Minister
  • Katia Romanoff Anna Meyer
  • Viviane Romance Mme Gabrielle
  • Didier Kaminka Meyer
  • Fabio Testi Diaz
  • Michel Duchaussoy Treuffais
  • Rudy Lenoir M. Bouillon
  • Maurice Garrel Epaulard
  • Mariangela Melato Cash
  • Lou Castel DArey