ⓘ Front rounded vowel


ⓘ Front rounded vowel

A front rounded vowel is a particular type of vowel that is both front and rounded.

Front rounded vowels defined by the IPA include:

  • Standard Tibetan. (Стандарт Тибетского)
  • Is extremely rare. This is consistent with the general correlation between rounding and vowel height.

    Language families, in which front rounded vowels are common are: < / p>

    • Some Sino-Tibetan languages.
    • Chinese varieties e.g. Mandarin including Standard Chinese, Cantonese, Shanghainese.
    • Gallo-Romance languages, a subset of the Romance languages.
    • Modern Germanic languages. (Современные германские языки)
    • Various Indo-European languages. (Различных индоевропейских языков)
    • Ancient Greek. (Древнегреческий)
    • Albanian. (Албанский)
    • Turkic languages e.g. Turkish, Azerbaijani.
    • Uralic languages e.g. Finnish, Hungarian.
    • Mongolic languages e.g. Kalmyk, Inner Mongolian dialects, but not standard Khalkha.