ⓘ Burnet County Courthouse


ⓘ Burnet County Courthouse

The Burnet County Courthouse is an historic courthouse located in Burnet, Burnet County, Texas, United States. The Moderne style building was constructed in part with Works Progress Administration funds and is the third building to serve as the Burnet County Courthouse. Lewis Milton Wirtz of Columbus designed the structure. It was completed August 1, 1937 at a cost of approximately 5.000.

The first County courthouse Burnet a one-story frame building containing a courthouse, jail and offices. In 1874, in the courthouse located on the southwest corner of the current courthouse square burned. The second courthouse was built of limestone in 1875, and housed a prison. 1875 when the court fell into disrepair, the County decided to build a new courthouse.

The need for a new trial had long been seen in Burnet County, different County in order to be placed outside of the courthouse due to lack of space.

The need for a new courthouse came to the fore in 1934. In June of the same year, a report of Burnet County jury acknowledged that "the tax inspector and the customs officer without storage to protect the records of their offices," and noted that the fire could destroy valuable documents. The jury recommended, as both offices were created to be combined into one in 1935, moving into the mens restroom in the court, to satisfy the need for large office space. In December of the same year, the mayor Burnett S. V. Galloway suggested the use of public match-funding program for the construction of a new courthouse.

In the last week of November 1935, works progress administration announced that $74.000 were allocated for the construction of a new courthouse and jail repair in Burnet County.

Since the building was proposed in project quality control of project works, local authorities, County Burnett was obliged to bear part of the costs. The County was required to come up with $74.000 in accordance with a Federal funds $61.000. In order to collect these funds, the court of Burnet County commissioners voted to hold elections to allow the voters to decide if the County should sell bonds to come up with their part of the funds necessary for the implementation of the project of the court. It was assumed that an additional five cents tax on repairs must repay the bonds will cost the property owner with the cost of 1.000 $in the property for another fifty cents a year in taxes. In Burnetts ads in an editorial in favor of the bonds.

Bond election for voters to approve a $74.000 in bonds should be consistent with Federal funding of $61.000 for a total amount of $135.000 to build a new courthouse was held on 21 December 1935.

Bond elections passed with 81 votes, 401-220. 721 votes were cast. The field for the city of Burnett voted in favor of the bonds 236-30.

The County offices moved from the old courthouse, and the crews began to tear it down during the week of February 13, 1936.

Judge O. B. Zimmerman County received its first contribution of $ 33.750 from the Federal government for the project of the courthouse for the week of April 2, 1936.

Southern office furniture the company was awarded 8.49.53 $bets to equip the building with furniture and equipment at the beginning of February 1937.

The current County courthouse Burnet two-storey and made of pink granite veneer from the stage of history of Burnet County and commercial and industrial etched in the panel. Pink granite is the same material that was used on the Texas state Capitol.

In addition, designed the Willis environmental engineering marble falls, built to the rear of the courthouse in 1974. The building was added to the national register of historic places on 15 November 2000.

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