ⓘ Joe


ⓘ Joe

  • "Joe", a song by PJ Harvey on her album Dry
  • "Joe" Red Hot Chili Peppers song
  • Joe FM disambiguation, any of several radio stations
  • Joe singer born 1973 as Joe Lewis Thomas, American singer, songwriter and record producer
  • "Joe", a song by The Cranberries on their album To the Faithful Departed
  • "Joe" Inspiral Carpets song

1. Computing

  • Joe, an object-oriented Java computing framework based on Suns Distributed Objects Everywhere project
  • Joes Own Editor, a text editor for Unix systems

2. Other uses

  • Joe, a currency, see banknotes of Demerary and Essequibo
  • Joe drink, slang for coffee
  • Jōe, a garment worn in Japanese religious ceremonies
  • Joensuu Airport, Liperi, Finland, by IATA airport code