ⓘ Radio and Television of Slovakia


ⓘ Radio and Television of Slovakia

Radio and Television of Slovakia or RTVS is a nationwide public broadcasting, state-funded organisation in Slovakia. It is headquartered in Bratislava and led by Jaroslav Reznik.

The organization in its current form was created in 2011 following a merger of Slovenska televizia Slovak Television with Slovensky rozhlas Slovak Radio. Funding for the combined organisation is obtained through advertising, government payments, and a monthly fee levied on most individuals registered with electricity retailers and most businesses containing three or more employees.

Like its two predecessor organizations, RTVS is a full member of the European Broadcasting Union.


1. Radio channels

There are 5 FM radio stations:

  • SRo3:Radio Devin
  • SRo4:Radio FM
  • SRo1:Radio Slovensko
  • SRo2:Radio Regina
  • SRo5:Radio Patria

Via Satellite, DVB-T and Internet

  • SRo6:Radio Slovakia International

It also has digital-only stations:

  • SRo9:Radio Junior for children up to the age of 10
  • SRo7:Radio Pyramida classical music
  • SRo8:Radio Litera radio, stage drama and literary profiles

Radio Regina is separated into the three regions of Radio Regina Bratislava, Radio Regina Banska Bystrica, and Radio Regina Kosice.

The output of Radio Patria, which went on air in 2009, broadcasting from 06:00 until 18:00, is in the Hungarian language, as a service for Slovakias largest ethnic minority group living predominantly in the southern districts bordering Hungary.


2. Television channels

There are 3 national television channels.


  • :2 Dvojka broadcasts documentaries and nature-oriented shows such as documentary films by David Attenborough. This channel also frequently shows foreign films in the original versions with Slovak subtitles, including many English-language movies. Minor sporting events are broadcast.
  • :1 Jednotka is a generalist channel, showing family-oriented television, Slovak movies, childrens programming, news and documentaries. Major sporting events on club and international level are also broadcast.
  • :3 Trojka was launched on 22 December 2019 and it will focus on archive programming, replacing the nightly Noc v Archive broadcasts on Dvojka and Jednotka. Earlier, between 2008 and 2011 STV 3 broadcast sporting events only. Before and after being operational, its agenda was split between Jednotka and Dvojka.